Derrida: The Festival

„The festival itself would be incest itself if some such thing – itself – could take place; if, by taking place, incest were not to confirm the prohibition: before the prohibition, it is not incest; forbidden, it cannot become incest except through the recognition of the prohibition. We are always short of or beyond the limit of the festival, of the origin of society, of that present within which simultaneously the interdict is (would be) given with the transgression: that which passes (comes to pass) always and (yet) never properly takes place. It is always as if I had committed incest.“ (p. 267) #Derrida #festival #incest

Derrida, Jacques, Of Grammatology; übersetzt von Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Baltimore/London: The Johns Hopkins University Press 21997. 360 S., ISBN 0-8018-S83-S.