Olsen/Shanks/Webmoor/Witmore: Time

“A linear temporality lays out the drama in advance. In this sense, it is teleological. This is what we mean when we emphasize that time does not constitute the sorting. We must understand time as the other way round. Time arises out of the relations. We have everything to gain by understanding time in this way. The first payoff: the pasts live again. They are proximate. They have action. They matter in more ways than the detached glass case of modernism permits. If we can no longer seek to purify pasts from the present world in advance, then we can no longer do so when we build accounts of these pasts.” (p. 153) #Olsen #Shanks #Webmoor #Witmore #time #past #present

Olsen, Bjørnar u. a., Archaeology. The Discipline of Things. Berkeley/Los Angeles/London: University of California Press 2012.