Berkeley: The Object of Geometry

„The Object of Geometry, its not being sufficiently understood, cause of Difficulty and useless Labour in that Science.

By this time, I suppose, ‚tis clear that neither Abstract, nor Visible Extension makes the Object of Geometry. The not discerning of which might, perhaps, have created some Difficulty, and useless Labour in Mathematics. Sure I am, that somewhat relating thereto has occur’d to my Thoughts, which, tho‘ after the most anxious and repeated Examination I am forced to think it true, doth, nevertheless, seem so far out of the common road of Geometry, that I know not, whether it may not be thought Presumption, if I shou’d make it publick in an Age, wherein that Science hath receiv’d such mighty Improvements by new Methods; great Part whereof, as well as of the Ancient Discoveries, may perhaps lose their Reputation, and much of that Ardor, with which Men study the Abstruse and Fine Geometry be abated, if what to me, and those few to whom I have imparted it, seems evidently True, shou’d really prove to be so.“ (no. CXL) #Berkeley #geometry #mathematics