Prigogine/Stengers: The Laws of Fate (foedera fati)

„As Serres points out, the infinite fall provides a model on which to base our con­ception of the natural genesis of the disturbance that causes things to be born. If the vertical fall were not disturbed ‚with­out reason‘ by the clinamen, which leads to encounters and associations between uniformly falling atoms, no nature could be created; all that would be reproduced would be the repeti­tive connection between equivalent causes and effects gov­erned by the laws of fate (foedera fati).“ (p. 303) #Prigogine #Stengers #Serres #NaturalGenesis #clinamen #atom #LawsOfFate

Prigogine, Ilya/Stengers, Isabelle, Order Out of Chaos. Man’s New Dialogue With Nature. New York City: Bantam 1984.