Günther: Zeno on Being and Time


“Zeno’s paradox stemmed from the fact that Being stands for the class of all ortho-objects designated by a single value. Time, on the other hand, belongs to the first class of pseudo-objects which require designation by a duality of values. When Zeno confronted Being and Time, he effected, formally speaking, a confrontation between value-singularity and value-duality. It is obvious that no two-valued system can display all the features which Zeno’s problem implies. The introduction of a third value is the first step to bring Time within the range of logical analysis.” (p. 402) #Günther #Zeno #Being #Time

Günther, Gotthard, Time, Timeless Logic and Self-Referential Systems, in: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 138 (1967), 396–406.