Eco: Definition und Syllogismus


„Eine Definition unterscheidet sich von einem Syllogismus darin, daß der Definierende nicht die Existenz des Definiendums beweist […], weil eine Definition lediglich angibt, was ein Ding ist, nicht jedoch, daß es ist.“ (p. 288) #Eco #Definition #Syllogismus

Eco, Umberto, Hörner, Hufe, Solen. einige Hypothesen zu drei Abduktionstypen, in: Umberto Eco/Thomas A. Sebeok (Hgg.), Der Zirkel oder Im Zeichen der Drei. Dupin, Holmes, Peirce. München: Wilhelm Fink Verlag 1985, 288–320.

Mill: Logic


„Logic, then, is the science of the operations of the understanding which are subservient to the estimation of evidence: both the process itself of advancing from known truths to unknown, and all other intellectual operations in so far as auxiliary to this. It includes, therefore, the operation of Naming; for language is an instrument of thought, as well as a means of communicating our thoughts. It includes, also, Definition, and Classification.“ (Intro. §7) #Mill #Logic #Naming #Definition #Classification