Grimmett: The Random-Cluster Model


“The random-cluster model as studied so far is random in space but not in time. There are a variety of ways of introducing time-dynamics into the model, and some good reasons for so doing. The principal reason is that, in our 3 + 1 dimensional universe, the time-evolution of processes is fundamental. It entails the concepts of equilibrium and convergence, of metastability, and of chaos. A rigorous theory of time-evolution in statistical mechanics is one of the major achievements of modern probability theory with which the names Dobrushin, Spitzer, and Liggett are easily associated.” (p. 222) #Grimmett #Random-ClusterModel #Space #Time #ProbabilityTheory

Grimmett, Geoffrey R., The Random-Cluster Model. With 37 Figures. Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer 2006. 377 S., ISBN 978-3-540-32890-2.