Kockelman: Simple Relation


„We consider something a simple relation only when we are ignorant of its inner workings, or when it works so perfectly that it disappears from view. Both ignorance and knowledge may thereby reduce a third to a second, a ground to a figure, or a mediator to an intermediary.“ (p. 37) #Kockelman #relation #ignorance #knowledge

Kockelman, Paul, The Art of Interpretation in the Age of Computation. New York: Oxford University Press 2017. 231 S., ISBN 978-0-19-063653-1.

Descartes: Ignorance


„Il est certain que l’ignorance est seulement un défaut, et qu’il n’est pas besoin d’aucune faculté positive pour ignorer“. (Méd. IV, Obj. XII) #Descartes #ignorance