Neu :: Bühlmann: The Digital, a Continent? Nature and Poetics


“The author discusses a natural philosophy way of thinking about digital technology that draws on the optics and sensibility of new materialism. In doing so, Nature and Poetics uses photosynthesis and nuclear fission as examples of processes that are as artificial as they are natural, to explain how digital technology can be seen in the paradigm of a „natural communication“ – a communicative physics. The book explores the idea that metaphors keep ideas and things moving and make them graspable beyond a strict nature-culture distinction, and that poetical and rhetorical ideations help to measure and proportion thought of the world. The author concludes: we can better understand ourselves and digital technology by looking at how there is coding in the natural world too, and by developing ideations of how energy, form, and intellect are in play together in multiple ways in an architectonics of world” #Bühlmann #digital #technology #materialism #nature #poetic

Bühlmann, Vera, The Digital, a Continent? Nature and Poetics. Basel: Birkhäuser 2024, ISBN 978-3-0356-2765-7.

Neu :: Barla: The Techno-Apparatus of Bodily Production. A New Materialist Theory of Technology and the Body


„What if the terms „technology“ and „the body“ did not refer to distinct phenomena interacting in one way or another? What if we understood their relationship as far more intimate – technologies as always already embodied, material bodies as always already technologized? What would it mean, then, to understand the relationship between technology and the body as a relation of indeterminacy?

Expanding on the concept of the apparatus of bodily production in the work of Donna Haraway and Karen Barad, Josef Barla explores how material bodies along with their boundaries, properties, and meanings performatively materialize at sites where technological, biological, technoscientific, (bio-)political, and economic forces intra-act.“ #Barla #technology #body

Barla, Josef, The Techno-Apparatus of Bodily Production. A New Materialist Theory of Technology and the Body. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag 2019. 232 S.