Markley: Reality and Science


“Radical critiques of science that seek to escape the constraints of deterministic dialectics must also give over narrowly conceived debates about realism and truth to investigate what kind of realities – political realities – might be engendered by a dialogical bootstrapping. Within a dialogically agitated environment, debates about reality become, in practical terms, irrelevant. ‚Reality,‘ finally, is a historical construct.” (p. 270) #Markley #science #reality

Markley, Robert, The Irrelevance of Reality: Science, Ideology and the Postmodern Universe, in: Genre 25 (1992), 249–276.

Madsen: Postmodern Science


“A simple criterion for science to qualify as postmodern is that it be free from any dependence on the concept of objective truth.” (p. 471) #Madsen #postmodern #science #truth

Madsen, Mark/Madsen, Deborah, Structuring postmodern science, in: Science and Culture 56 (1990), 467–472.

Thom: Science


„Toute science est avant tout l’étude d’une phénoménologie.“ (p. 5) #Thom #science #phénoménologie

Thom, René, Paraboles et catastrophes. Entretiens sur les mathématiques, la science et la philosophie réalisés par Giulio Giorello et Simona Morini. Paris: Flammarion 1983.

Serres: Histoire et science


„Ce que les sciences humaines appellaient histoire devient science – et ce que les sciences dures nommaient sciences devient histoire. Système et Récit échangent leurs valeurs.“ (p. 40) #Serres #histoire #science #système #récit

Serres, Michel, Rameaux. Paris: Editions Le Pommier 2007. 204 S.

Serres: L’homme occidental


„L’homme occidental est un loup de science.“ (p. 104) #Serres #HommeOccidental #loup #science

Serres, Michel, Hermès IV. La distribution. Paris: Minuit 1977.