Newman: What is a network?


“A network is a set of items, which we will call vertices or sometimes nodes, with connections between them, called edges. Systems taking the form of networks (also called “graphs” in much of the mathematical literature) abound in the world.” (p. 2) #Newman #network #system

Newman, Mark E. J., The Structure and Function of Complex Networks, in: SIAM Review 45 (2003), 167–256.

Manneville: Universality


“In particular, fundamental problems related to universality could be tackled, both for confine systems where the theory of dynamical systems is relevant (chaos and transition scenarios, e.g., the subharmonic cascade) and for extended systems where statistical physics is an appealing framework (Ginzburg–Landau formalism and nonlinear pattern selection, space–time intermittency and directed percolation).” (p. 61) #Manneville #universality #system #chaos #transition #StatisticalPhysics #percolation

Manneville, Paul, Rayleigh–Bénard Convection: Thirty Years of Experimental, Theoretical, and Modeling Work, in: Innocent Mutabazi/José Eduardo Wesfreid/Étienne Guyon (Hgg.), Dynamics of Spatio-Temporal Cellular Structures. Henri Benard Centenary Review. New York: Springer 2006, 41–65.

Luhmann: Liebe


“Daher ist auch das Zusammenziehen der Differenz in einen einzigen Akt der Liebe nicht möglich – oder genauer gesagt: immer möglich, aber nur in der Ewigkeitsperspektive des Moments.” (p. 220) #Luhmann #Liebe

Luhmann, Niklas, Liebe als Passion. Zur Codierung von Intimität. Frankfurt a.M.: Suhrkamp Verlag 1994.

Bühlmann: Systems


„In real nature, generative as well as generational, no system is ever closed.“ (p. XIV) #Bühlmann #nature #system

Bühlmann, Vera, Mathematics and Information in the Philosophy of Michel Serres (Michel Serres and Material Futures); herausgegeben von David Webb und Joanna Hodge. London: Bloomsbury Academic 2020. 238 S., ISBN 978-1-350-01976-8.

Gennes: The evolution of the system


„[T]he evolution of the system has a certain stochastic character which is not due to external noise sources, but which is an intrinsic consequence of the non linearity in the hydrodynamic equations.“ (p. 9f.) #Gennes #system #noise

Gennes, Pierre-Gilles de, Phase Transition and Turbulence: An Introduction, in: Tormod Riste (Hg.), Fluctuations, Instabilities, and Phase Transitions. New York City/London: Plenum Press 1975, 1–18.